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Spinfinish oils used in the production of Polypropylene Yarn, During CF, BCF, POY and FDY yarn drawings, it offers good antistatic, good adhesion and soft touch both at high speeds and at high filaments.
Our spinfinish oil, which is used in the production of Polyester and Polyamide Yarn, is very suitable for BCF POY or FDY spinning.

Spin Finish Oil

Spin Finishes Oil (Textile Oil ) is used as a lubricant which provides surface lubricating, plasticizing and static protection to man-made fibers. This is applied in fluid condition just before wind up.

Applications of Spin Finish Oil

To lubricate yarn.
To reduce static electricity.
To increase cohesion of the yarn.

Different types of Spin Finish Oil

Lubricants: Used to control the friction of the fiber. For instance: Oils, poly glycols.
Plasticizers: applied to make the fiber more flexible by reducing the Tg value and also reduce the brittleness. For Example: silicate, dibutyl.
Anti static agent: Used to reduce the static charge of fiber. Example: Lithium chloride, Butyl stearate.

Properties of spin finishes oil

Providing cohesion of the filament
No oxidation in the air
Having good wetting properties
Not encouraging bacterial growth
Not being carcinogenic
Having Antistatic properties
Wastage reduces
Yarn breakage is reduced